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Since 2013 we have focused on breeding the absolute best standard-size goldendoodles possible with a focus on health, temperament, and their allergy-friendly coats. 

Why Choose a Goldendoodle?

Goldendoodles are an extremely popular dog breed in Louisiana and all over the United States.  By combining the friendly nature of the golden retriever, the non-shedding coat of a standard poodle, and the intelligence & trainability both breeds are known for you end up with what most would call the perfect dog.  The Goldendoodle’s genetics makes them insanely smart and are eager to please their humans, making the concept of potty training and house manners incredibly easy for them to quickly grasp. Also, like their golden retriever parents, they make make great service dogs and their gentle, affectionate nature makes them a wonderful choice for therapy dogs and families with small children. 

Our Breeding Program Includes:

3 Year Health Guarantee

You can live without fear of hereditary problems

Our dogs are examined by several veterinary specialists to ensure no genetic diseases are passed on to your puppy.

Health Certifications

From Multiple Sources

All of our breeding dogs are examined by several board certified veterinary specialists cleared by the O.F.A. to ensure no genetic diseases are passed on to your puppy.

Breeder Support

We are available for life

Rather you need advice on puppy manners or information about senior dog food we’re here to help for the life of your dog.

Why Choose a GoldenFido Goldendoodle?

Since 2013 we have been focused on breeding to best possible standard-size Goldendoodles, and unlike many other breeders, we only breed Goldendoodles. This gives us years of breed specific knowledge and allows us to set realistic expectations in regard to coats, colors, sizes, and temperaments. 

Although we are a small family-owned breeder our primary focus is on the health, happiness and well-being of our dogs and puppies. In addition to the rigorous health testing we complete, we also implement temperament selective breeding and work with our puppies on several different socialization and adaptation skills. 

"We do not believe in mass-producing dogs, instead, we focus on each puppy's health and well-being."

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We now offer boarding at our onsite kennel, The Noble Nose!

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