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At GoldenFido Goldendoodles, our focus has always been on the health, safety, and overall emotional well-being of all of our dogs, whether they are puppies, mothers, or retired. Our goldendoodles come from a place full of attention and joy, so that they are able to join your family as if they were always a part of it.”

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Brandon & Ashley Redwine

Founders of GoldenFido Goldendoodles

GoldenFido Goldendoodles, established in 2013, is the passion project of Brandon and Ashley Redwine.  Located in Greenwood, Louisiana, full of nature’s glorious beauty among 20 acres, it was the perfect place to build a business that was more than your average breeding kennel.  With the green grass, shady trees, and natural hiking trails, Brandon & Ashley created the perfect environment for the goldendoodle puppies that they would lovingly breed and raise.  

Brandon and Ashley both started their careers learning how to understand the unique struggles and interests of others. Brandon spent years working as a business analyst working to develop and evaluate the goals, best practices, and processes for other businesses. This unique experience combined with Ashley’s 10 years of veterinary expertise sparked an idea that would lead them to the most rewarding events in their lives…

From her years of experience in the veterinary field, Ashley saw the benefit that goldendoodles had for families who were full of love and passion for dogs but were desperate for an option that didn’t leave a family member sneezing and uncomfortable due to allergies or other sensitivities. She also saw the deplorable conditions that some puppies were born to, and her heart melted as she saw family after family devastated by losing their beloved furry friends due to medical conditions that were directly related to unhealthy breeding practices. After telling these horrible stories to Brandon they put together a plan to provide families with a gentle, non-shedding, intelligent dog and the the peace of mind that the puppy that they are welcoming into their homes come from a clean, safe, and healthy environment.

Providing families with a gentle, non-shedding, intelligent dog AND the peace of mind that the puppy that they are welcoming into their homes comes from a clean, safe, and healthy environment.

Ashley and Brandon went out of their way to be different and in 2022 they built a state-of-the-art facility on their Louisiana property where clients are able to see for themselves the beautiful retreat that they have built for the goldendoodles that are such a large part of their lives.  In addition to their phenomenal kennel the Redwines have set strict breeding guidelines and health certification requirements for their dogs. All of the mother dogs are are examined by their veterinarian each time before they are bred, and they are only bred once a year. In addition, the mother dogs are have a maximum of only 4 litters before they are spayed, not only for their health but for the health of their puppies as well. You can learn more about our health screening requirements here.

Our Goldendoodles are Different

Puppies born at GoldenFido Goldendoodles are exposed to early neurological stimulation, starting when they are just a few days old. This technique was developed by the military to help socialize puppies who may become service dogs and it is recommended by the AKC as a way to encourage stable temperament in puppies before they meet their new families. As they grow, the puppies experience many different environments, interacting with children and family members, as well as visitors and other dogs that are on the property. In the nursery where the puppies live, the facilities are set up to train them early on how to use a doggy door so that they begin potty-training as soon as possible. This allows the potty-training timeframe to be minimized when they come home to their new family.

At GoldenFido Goldendoodles, we invite you to continue to browse our website so that you are able to see why we are different. Feel free to check out our kennels, our facilities, and see for yourself the benefits that a family environment can have on the goldendoodle of your dreams. We want to help families who are looking for an intelligent, affectionate,  well-mannered dog to become the perfect new addition to their family.

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