Goldendoodle Coat Type Information

There are a total of 3 specific coat types a goldendoodle can be born with:  A curly coat, a wavy coat, or a flat coat, also know as an improper coat. All of our parent dogs are tested to ensure they do not have the gene present that produces a flat coated goldendoodle, in addition to this we also test to ensure your new goldendoodle will have the proper facial furnishings and a low to no-shedding coat. 

At Goldenfido Goldendoodles all of our F1 and F1b goldendoodles with have either the extremely curly “poodle” coat, the long flowing wavy “doodle” coat, or a coat that is somewhere in-between the two when they are adults. This is a guide to help you choose the coat that will best suit your preferences and lifestyle. 

Curly Coat Type

The most requested Goldendoodle coat type we get is for a curly coat. The curly coat is most common among our F1b generation goldendoodles due to their DNA having a larger percentage of poodle DNA than an F1 generation  (75% poodle, 25% golden retriever in a F1b vs 50/50 in an F1.). It is 

Goldendoodles with this coat type will present with a wavy coat as young puppies, but as they grow into an adult their coat will become much thicker and curlier. The curly coated goldendoodles have extremely minimal shedding to absolutely no shedding and are hypoallergenic. 

However the tradeoff to the amazing curly coat is that it requires significantly more brushing and grooming depending on how tight your goldendoodles curls are, although it can be shaved down to create a maintenance free coat. Below are examples of some our previous puppies with a curly coat.

Teddy- Curly Coated F1b Goldendoodle
Teddy - 2 Weeks
Curly Coated F1b Goldendoodle
Teddy - 4 Months
Curly Coated F1b Goldendoodle

Curly Coated Goldendoodles From Our Previous Litters

Wavy/ Loose Curl Coat Type

Scout- Wavy Coated F1b Goldendoodle

At Goldenfido Goldendoodles our absolute favorite coat is the wavy or loose curl coat. It occurs in all Goldendoodle generations, including our F1 and F1b generations. When we picture the perfect goldendoodle in our minds, they tend to have an extremely fluffy, long loose curls that blow around freely in the wind.

The wavy/loose curl coat type will present as a straighter coat in younger puppies, but don’t worry, that majestic fluffy goldendoodle coat is only a couple weeks out, and their hair will continue to amplify as the puppies grow. 

The wavy coat type is also the easiest to maintain. Most goldendoodles with this coat only require a quick brushing about once a week. Although they may require more frequent brushing in high friction areas (under the collar, around the ears) and grooming will depend on the dogs lifestyle. The wavy coat type is minimal to non-shedding. Below you will find examples of our wavy coat puppies and adults. 

Scout - 2 Weeks Old
Wavy Coated F1b Goldendoodle
Scout - 5 Months Old
Wavy Coated F1b Goldendoodle

Wavy Coated Goldendoodles From Our Previous Litters

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