Our Kennel

As goldendoodle breeders in Louisiana, we prioritize the health and happiness of our dogs above all else. That’s why we’ve designed our facilities with the needs of our puppies and their parents in mind. Built next to our home among 20 beautiful acres in North Louisiana,  our kennel and puppy nursery offers our Goldendoodle puppies and parents constant supervision in a clean, safe environment to learn and grow.


At our kennel, maintaining cleanliness is an essential part of our daily routine. We understand that a clean and hygienic environment is crucial for the health and happiness of our dogs, and we work hard to ensure that their bedding is always fresh and their living areas are meticulously clean and sanitized. In addition to keeping everything clean, we also have a fully-stocked grooming area where we take care to ensure that our dogs always look and feel their best. 

We believe that a clean, comfortable environment is essential for the well-being of all our dogs, and we strive to provide the highest standards of care for them every day. Besides the regular cleaning and grooming, we also provide our goldendoodle puppies and parent dogs with plenty of love and attention, as well as the best possible care and nutrition. By taking such good care of our dogs, we hope to help them lead happy, healthy lives and bring joy to the families who adopt them.

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